DIBP announces changes to the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL)

An occupation on the SOL or the CSOL is the key requirement to apply for one of the skilled visa subclasses. Any changes to the skilled occupation list are therefore important to take into account when planning your visa application. Changes to the lists are usually introduced with the beginning of a new financial year, i.e. 1st July.  

Yesterday the Department of Immigration and Citizenship announced the following changes to the SOL and the CSOL, taking effect on the 1st July 2016.


9 Occupations have been moved from the SOL to the CSOL:

  •  Mining Engineers (excluding Petroleum) (233611)

  •  Petroleum Engineers (233612)

  •  Metallurgists(234912)

  •  Environmental Health Officers (251311)

  •  Occupational Health & Safety Advisers(251312)

  •  Dental Hygienists(411211)

  •  Dental Prosthetists (411212)

  •  Dental Technicians (411213)

  •  Dental Therapists(411213)


2 occupations have been added to the SOL

  •  Orthotist or Prosthetist (251912)
  •  Audiologists (252711)


The following visa subclasses are affected by the above changes:

  • Subclass 186

  • Subclass 189

  • Subclass 190

  • Subclass 402

  • Subclass 457

  • Subclass 485

  • Subclass 489


The changes will affect all applications that receive invitations to lodge a visa application on or after July 1 2016. This means applications submitted, but not decided by July 1 will not be affected. However, expressions of interest that have been submitted prior July and have not received an invitation by July 1 will be affected by the announced changes.

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