Victoria temporarily suspends building and engineering occupations

Due to a large volume of visa nomination applications received, applications for engineering and building occupations on the Visa Nomination Occupation List for Victoria will not be accepted from 16 October 2017 to 12 January 2018.

Applicants who hold an offer of employment in Victoria in their nominated occupation or meet the streamlined PhD or 457 pathways are not affected by this closure and may apply for these engineering and building occupations during this time.

These changes affect both s/c 190 as well as s/c 489 nominations, but not the graduate stream.

The occupations affected by the temporary closure are:

  • 312112 Building Associate
  • 233211 Civil Engineer
  • 312211 Civil Engineering Draftsperson
  • 233311 Electrical Engineer
  • 312311 Electrical Engineering Draftsperson
  • 233512 Mechanical Engineer
  • 233914 Engineering Technologist

All applications received prior to 16 October 2017 will be assessed against the guidelines that applied at time of application and an outcome will be provided in due course.

Applications for all other occupations eligible for Victorian Government visa nomination remain open.

From 16 October 2017 new minimum work experience and specialisation requirements will apply to engineering occupations. The following occupations will require a minimum of five years work experience: 

  • 233211, Civil Engineer 
  • 312211, Civil Engineering Draftsperson
  • 233311, Electrical Engineer
  • 312311Electrical Engineering Draftsperson
  • 233512Mechanical Engineer 
  • 233914, Engineering Technologist

If you think you are affected by these changes and wish assistance, please contact us for a consultation.