Victoria releases updated nomination occupation list

Today Victoria released an updated list of occupations available for State Nomination under the 190 and the 486 Program. 

Applications for Victorian visa nomination are assessed individually with a focus on the following criteria:

  • your ability to meet the minimum nomination requirements
  • the suitability and transferability of your qualifications, skills and experience - including any specialist capabilities - to the needs of Victoria’s labour market 
  • your ability and commitment to establish yourself, and any dependants, in Victoria with a view to your prospects for a long-term settlement in Victoria
  • the demand for your particular skills and expertise, and your ability to find work in Victoria
  • the demand for your occupation in relation to the annual nomination places allocated for that industry.

There is strong competition for Victorian visa nomination. Meeting the minimum eligibility requirements will not guarantee you an offer of nomination.

For more information on the Skilled Migration to Victoria and an assessment of your options, book a consultation with our registered Migration Agent.