Australia's family reunion program include: partner visa, parent visa and child visa. Our registered Migration Agent Margot has extensive experience with all family visas and would be happy to discuss your requirements in a confidential consultation.

Parent Visa and Contributory Parent Visa 

There are basically three parent visa options:

Parent visas attract extremely long processing times (currently 30 years and more) and are therefore for most applicants not interesting. Please note that this particular visa subclass is likely to be closed for new applications soon.

Contributory Parent visas are processed much faster, usually within 48 months. However, they are a lot more expensive. The purpose of the contributory parent visa is to make a 'contribution' to the Australian community to help paying for social and health care services that may be accessed by the visa holder.

Aged Parent Visa have similar processing times as above mentioned Parent Visa, however, this visa is an onshore option. This means that applicants will receive a Bridgingvisa enabling them to stay in Australia while the Aged Parent Visa is being processed. If your parents have reached retirement age, and are in Australia you may want to contact Margot to discuss your options. Please note that all parent visas require a Sponsor and also an Assurer of Support.

If you consider applying for a Parent Visa, please contact Margot for an obligation free and confidential discussion.

Orphan Relative Visa - Dependent Child Visa

These are visa options for dependent children under 18, who are either biological children or adopted. While Orphan relatives must be under 18 years old, there are some concession for dependent children over 18 who are still financially dependent, e.g. full time students.

If you would like to apply for a Child Visa feel free to contact Margot for an initial consultation.


Carer Visa - Aged Dependent Relative Visa - Remaining Relative Visa

All these visa options have very lengthy processing times (10 years plus) and are not suitable for most people if they cannot lodge an onshore application.