If your visa application was refused

There are a number of reasons why visa applications may be refused and end up at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Sometimes applicants have made mistakes or chosen the wrong visa subclass to apply for. Often these applications have been prepared without the assistance of a professional migration agent. Immigration case officers too make sometimes mistakes, which may result in an unfair refusal.

If this has happened to you and you would like to apply for merit review at the AAT, our Registered Migration Agent, Margot can help you.

An appeal at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal is time consuming and it can be a frustrating and confusing process to deal with. A Migration Agent can assist you throughout the process and ensure your application has the best chance of success

 What will happen if you apply for merit review?

  • As a first step Margot will apply for the full file the Department of Immigration and Border Protection holds on you, to ensure we have access to the same information your case officer based their decision on.
  • After analysing the file and identifying the problem, Margot will discuss the result of our assessment with you and develop a strategy how to tackle the problem.
  • Together you will work out a list of documents to support your appeal.
  • When all documents are gathered, Margot will provide a legal submission arguing our reasons why the refusal should be overturned.
  • If the AAT Member calls you for a hearing, Margot will attend the hearing with you, prepare you for what is going to happen and also provide any follow up submissions that may be necessary after the hearing.

Please note that there are very strict time limits to lodge an appeal at the AAT after you have received a negative decision. If you have received a refusal notification, you shouldn't delay contacting us for a consultation.