Margot Obrist (MARN: 0640631)

Margot Obrist (MARN: 0640631)

Australian immigration legislation is among the most complex in the world and consulting with a professional Migration Agent could be crucial for a positive result of your application.

Migration Advice Australia is a registered Migration Agent, providing timely and competent advice for all your Australian visa questions.  Margot Obrist has well over a decade of experience in the migration industry and an outstanding track record of successful applications. She offers one - off visa consultations as well as full representations, depending on your requirements, at an affordable price. 

While Migration Advice Australia is based in Winchester, UK, our clients are based all over the world. We routinely offer consultations as well as full visa assistance remotely, via email, phone, Skype and Whatsapp.


What happens during a visa consultation?

A few days before your appointment: 

  • Margot will collect all information required to make a full assessment on your chances to secure a temporary or permanent visa . This may require a detailed CV plus some additional information

  • Based on the collected information you will receive a written summary of all your options, including a brief overview over the application process, a cost estimate and estimated time frame 

During the consultation

  • After reading your summary you will have a chance to ask your questions in a personal consultation. Consultations can be either face to face if you happen to be based in Hampshire, or via email, Whats App or Skype if your overseas.

  • Margot will explain honestly whether there is a chance for you to migrate to Australia and whether your plan has a realistic chance of success.

  • If there are temporary visa options available to you, you will learn about those too

  • If you're not currently in the position to apply for a visa, Margot will advice on how you could improve your chances for a future application

  • Margot will also provide information on the visa subclass you would be eligible for and an overview of the application process, timing and cost

Our fee for a detailed assessment is A$ 200. Please note that this is a real consultation aiming to provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision. No 'quick-checks' or 'sales talks'. So you have the assurance that you receive our honest opinion on your chances - and not just a sales talk, telling you only what you want to hear. 

If you would like to kick-start the process and book a consultation please complete below Questionnaire and Margot will get in touch within 2 business days.


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